Immodulon is dedicated to the development of novel, safe and effective treatments for cancer patients. To date, IMM-101 has been tested mostly in metastatic cancer patients with diagnoses including Melanoma, Colorectal and Pancreatic cancers.

We believe IMM-101 can become a backbone immunotherapy across multiple tumor types in combination with any of the four major pillars of cancer therapy: immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radio/ablation therapy and surgery. IMM-101’s mechanism of action should not only make it applicable to a range of different cancers, but it is also expected that it will enhance the efficacy of these standard therapies without increasing the burden of side effects for the patient.

Based on our encouraging early clinical data, IMM-101 will be pursued in several cancer indications combining IMM-101 with one or more of these major pillars of cancer treatment. We are strongly focused on the potential effectiveness of IMM-101 in Pancreatic cancer. Our planned approach to this cancer is very comprehensive and the Immodulon and investigator sponsored studies described below investigate the three most advanced stages of this disease affecting about 80% of the patients with Pancreatic cancer and all currently with poor prognoses.

The table below outlines the current and planned upcoming, Immodulon or investigator sponsored, clinical studies with IMM-101 in combination with other therapies

Immodulon Pipeline