Additional investigator-initiated phase I/II study planned to investigate the safety and efficacy of IMM101 in limited metastatic pancreatic cancer; study could start by the end of 2020

Uxbridge, UK – 27 July 2020 – Immodulon, the immuno-oncology company, is pleased to announce an expansion to its ongoing collaboration with Professor van Eijck and his team at the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (“Erasmus MC”). A phase I/II, open label study is being planned in patients with limited metastatic pancreatic cancer (“MEPANC -1”). The trial is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of IMM-101 administered in combination with stereotactic radiotherapy of metastases in the liver and lung in patients with limited metastatic pancreatic cancer. This follows the successful recruitment of 20 patients in a separate phase I/II study combining IMM-101 with stereotactic radiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic cancer (“LAPC-2”). The MEPANC -1 study design will be submitted to the local Erasmus MC Medical Ethics Review Committee and the national Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects(CCMO) and, should it be approved, recruitment is expected to begin by the end of 2020.

Professor Casper H J van Eijck, hepatobiliary surgeon and Professor in surgery, commented: “We look forward to starting this new original study which has not been performed before in patients with limited metastatic pancreatic cancer. Since the recruitment in the LAPC-2 study is highly successful, we expect to include patients from all Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group hospitals within the allocated time frame. We are pleased that Immodulon is providing us with the IMM-101 study drug again and their support and hope that combining IMM-101’s positive effects on the immune system in combination with radiotherapy will lead potentially to a major step forward in the search of new and effective treatments for pancreatic cancer.”

Dr. Jaap Kampinga, Chief Executive Officer of Immodulon, commented: “We are pleased with the progress of our collaboration with Professor van Eijck and his team at this Centre of Excellence for pancreatic cancer at Erasmus MC. The MEPANC -1 study, testing our lead drug candidate, IMM-101, in limited metastatic pancreatic cancer, is designed to complement the ongoing LAPC-2 study. We look forward to the potential initiation of the MEPANC -1 study before the end of 2020, pending approval from local and national regulatory authorities. Pancreatic cancer is a devasting disease and remains exceedingly challenging to treat effectively, despite the advances in other cancer treatments.”

About Immodulon Therapeutics
Immodulon Therapeutics Ltd. (London, UK) is a privately-owned clinical-stage immuno-oncology company primarily focused on the development of safe, effective and novel treatments for cancer. Its lead drug candidate, IMM-101, has shown promise in early clinical trials, demonstrating potential for the platform. It contains heat-killed whole cell Mycobacterium obuense which activates dendritic cells and other cells of the innate immune system by several mechanisms, including via Toll-like receptors. Its mechanism of action should not only make this product applicable to a range of cancers but, in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors and other standard-of care treatments, it is expected to enhance their efficacy without increasing the safety burden for the patient. For more information about Immodulon, please visit

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