Developing Safe and Effective Immunotherapy Treatments

Immodulon is a privately-owned immuno-oncology company primarily focused on the development of novel, safe, effective and potentially valuable treatments for cancer.

Our IMM-101 based immunotherapy is intended to complement other cancer therapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors and chemotherapy.

We are currently developing treatments for advanced melanoma, a skin cancer, and for advanced pancreatic cancer.



A skin cancer affecting ~100,000 patients a year in US with ~10% at non-operable advanced disease stage


98% five year survival rate if diagnosed early but 25-35% once metastatic (15-20% without immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment)


Majority of metastatic patients do not respond effectively to immune checkpoint inhibitors

Pancreatic Cancer


Pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death in the US affecting ~55,000 patients a year


Overall five year survival rate of 8.5% with 74% dying within first year


~50% have metastatic disease with <3% five year survival


Surgery (only ~10% patients eligible) improves prognosis but most patients still die of metastatic disease