Developing Safe and Effective Immunotherapy Treatments

Immodulon Therapeutics Limited is a private, clinical-stage, immuno-oncology company dedicated to the development of novel, safe and effective treatments for cancer patients. Our lead drug candidate, the immunomodulator IMM-101, has shown promise in early clinical trials, demonstrating clear potential for its use in a range of cancers and to complement the four major pillars of cancer treatments – immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radio/ablation therapy and surgery – and increase their efficacy without compromising patient’s safety and quality of life.

IMM-101 contains heat-killed whole cell Mycobacterium obuense which activates dendritic cells and other cells of the innate immune system by several mechanisms, including via Toll-like receptors. Its mechanism of action is applicable to a range of cancers, and in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors and other standard-of care treatments, expected to enhance their efficacy without increasing the burden of side effects for the patient.

Immodulon’s key focus is on Pancreatic cancer. Our vision is for IMM-101 to become a backbone immunotherapy across multiple cancers. IMM-101 is therefore also being investigated in Melanoma and future investigations in other cancers, including Colorectal are planned.